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Editioned Price $USD

1/1 $5000

Editions of 3/  $3000


Editions of 9/  $500


Editions of 30/  $150

Offering two options for fine art photography prints:


Award-Winning Photographic Paper or High-Definition Metallic Prints

Canson's award-winning 'Baryta Photographique 310gsm Photo Paper' is a true 100% barium sulphate layer (baryta) offering exceptional contrast, detail,  and wide color gamut. With an extremely high black point, it produces black and white images with depth and clarity; color images with vibrancy and intensity. Revealing a structured surface aspect and a fine satin finish reminiscent of traditional fiber-based darkroom papers.

In addition, Chromalux's high-def sublimation process is a beauty to behold. Modernizing the old "metallic print + thick acrylic frame," this process 'prints' onto a thin aluminum sheet with a light-weight gloss. Infusing dyes directly onto specially-coated metal prints results in outstanding image clarity & resolution with exceptional detail, dark shadows & vibrant colors, withholding quality throughout its lifetime. Custom mounting frame in the back creates a dynamic floating edge.

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