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If you want equality, you first must go outside.

The camera is my way of experiencing & understanding the world around me. 

The best way I know to be of service.

Playing with time, capturing the impermanence of life, & sharing it with the world.

Allowing for organic expression as the moment arises,

I photograph people in their space.

Sharing stories showcasing humanity's ever-evolving cultural expressions .- RGV





Featured Photostory

El  Brinco Del Chinelo

An ancient Aztec tradition lives on, deep in the heart of this 'Pueblo Magico'.


Coming Soon


At the edge of a life beyond fear.



Vochos Unidos


There are some for whom a humble object reveals their deep passion for life, love, & community.

Featured Project



Chasing Flow

Moments of pure bliss sought by those who play between life and death.


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