A photographer's 'prime directive' is simply to document a moment in time/space.


An image of a passing moment, made in the present, and sent into the future. Using only light, a subject, and a moment in a frame to tell a story.

An image being both 'truthful' and 'deceitful' proposes a certain truth to our sense of sight, yet a slight manipulation of the camera can deceive even the keenest eye.

The foundation of Rodrigo's work focuses on this fragile understanding of his 'truth' in life.  Over his 17-year career, he's developed a photographic style forgoing typical labels. Encouraged to learn from any photographic style, the camera became simply the tool for expression, and not the expression itself.

From street walks to abstract photography, Rodrigo Gaya Villar searches for the right the light, subject, and moment before releasing the shutter.

As he likes to describe it, he's 'Playing with Photons.'

Fine Art Photography - Portfolio



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