I'm Rodrigo Gaya Villar.

Welcome to my site.

I'm a photographer, or at least I've taken my camera everywhere since 2005.

A photograph can be simply playing with photons, and their interaction with time and space.

But really it lives on as a visual anthropological study of contemporary life.

As a participant observer.


I work freelance

Gayaman Visual Studio


make artwork.

Rodrigo Gaya Villar Photography

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Im always asked, what kind of photographer are you?

I photograph people in their space, inspired by chaos and impermanence.

That's only the half of it...

Sometimes, I  take that whole 'playing with photons' literally, and get as abstract as possible. Two side of the same coin though.

Camera as the final part of the 'photographic moment,' mind/body/spirit balance comes first.  

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